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Our Reception Classes are Starfish and Seahorses.


Thursday – Reading book change

Friday – Show and tell


Sports Day

IMG_2353 IMG_2367 IMG_2372 IMG_2373 IMG_2385 IMG_2406 IMG_2415 IMG_2644 IMG_2653 IMG_2663 IMG_2672 IMG_2684 IMG_2695 IMG_2710 IMG_3206 IMG_3220 IMG_3226 IMG_3233 IMG_3240 IMG_3245 IMG_3249 IMG_3262 IMG_3268 IMG_3270 IMG_3271 IMG_1090 IMG_1093 IMG_1102 IMG_1362 IMG_1363 IMG_1364 IMG_1388 IMG_1397 IMG_1414 IMG_1454 IMG_1461 IMG_2057 IMG_2074 IMG_2078 IMG_2085 IMG_2099 IMG_2105 IMG_2111 IMG_2116 IMG_2135 IMG_2146 IMG_2154 IMG_2284 IMG_2315The children had great fun trying out all of the different activities and tried their very best throughout.

Well done to everyone.



As a reward for the best attendance in the Foundation Stage, the Starfish class went to Bounce.  We all had great fun!IMG_2133IMG_2145IMG_2153IMG_2137IMG_2146

Mini beasts

This half term, the Reception classes have been exploring mini beasts.  We have taken great care of our pot of caterpillars and are looking forward to them turning into butterflies very soon.

Take a look at some of the fantastic, independent writing and work that the children are producing about mini beasts.

We are looking forward to seeing the lovely mini beast models you are making for the homework project.

IMG_1982 IMG_1980 IMG_1979 IMG_1978 IMG_1981 IMG_1984 IMG_1987 IMG_1977 IMG_1986 IMG_1985 IMG_1983

Curriculum Day

As part of our Northumberland celebration week we have decided to theme this term’s curriculum day around ‘Northumberland’.’
We are planning to make flags and bunting to decorate the school and explore and create castles like the magnificent ones we have in Northumberland.
The curriculum day will be held on Thursday 25th May 2017 (the day before we break up for half term).
Seahorses and a.m. Pebbles – 10.00a.m.-11.30a.m.
Starfish and p.m. Pebbles – 1.45p.m.-3.15p.m.
We look forward to seeing you and joining in the celebration.

Summer Term

We have a very busy term ahead of us which includes the very first celebration of Northumberland Day.  Thank you to everyone who has uploaded their Northumberland photographs to Tapestry.  We have enjoyed the range of places you have visited and look forward to more being posted before the cut off date Monday 22nd May 2017.

Remember, at the end of Reception your child is assessed against Government standards and we appreciate your support in helping your child achieve their full potential.  You can do this by reading everyday, completing homework tasks, practising sounds learned in phonics and writing words and sentences regularly.  In Maths you can encourage your child to recognise numbers to 20 and beyond, talk practically about sharing, doubling and halving, count accurately and add and subtract.

Thank you for your support with this, it really makes a difference.