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Thursday – Reading book change

Friday – Show and tell



Last week in Reception we celebrated the Hindu festival of Diwali. We learnt a lot about Diwali through a range of different activities:

The word Diwali means ‘Rows of lighted lamps’ and the celebration is also known as ‘The festival of light’ so we practised our cutting skills and made our own paper lanterns, decorating them with coloured tissue paper and shiny sequins –

IMG_3950 IMG_3948 IMG_3951 IMG_3952

Rangolis are colourful patterns that Hindus create outside their homes to guide and welcome the Goddess Lakshmi. We coloured in some Rangoli patterns –  we also created our own using a variety of resources including chalks to draw Rangoli patterns at the entrance to our classroom, seeds and beads to make Rangoli patterns in the playdough and we also used a program called ‘Slice’ to design Rangoli patterns on the computer and SMART Board –

IMG_3923 IMG_3933





IMG_1562 IMG_1563 IMG_1564 IMG_1588

IMG_3925 IMG_3939 IMG_3953

IMG_1601 IMG_1600 IMG_3936 IMG_3975 IMG_3935 IMG_7836

When learning about Diwali we also heard the traditional Hindu story of Rama and Sita which is often told using shadow puppets. We made our our puppets by drawing around a template on black card, carefully cutting it out then fixing an art straw to the back. When our puppets were complete, we demonstrated how to make shadows with them on the SMART Board using the light from the projector –

IMG_3959 IMG_3961 IMG_3964 IMG_3965

IMG_7850 IMG_7862 IMG_7859 IMG_7854

In preparation for Diwali, many Hindus ladies decorate their hands with a special paint known as henna. These are called Mehndi patterns. We did not have any henna in school so instead we cut out paper hands and drew our own Mehndi patterns with a pencil –

IMG_3942 IMG_3944 IMG_3945 IMG_3926

One of our favourite Diwali activities was making and eating some traditional sweets called Barfis. We mixed condensed milk, icing sugar, coconut and food colouring then rolled them into a ball and covered them with more coconut. We put them in the fridge to set and when they were ready, we all enjoyed tasting them!

IMG_3956 IMG_7846 IMG_3966 IMG_3967 IMG_3955 IMG_3968 IMG_7864 IMG_7865


Peer Reading

On Friday 26th October we took part in a whole school peer reading session just before the end of the day. We were partnered with an older child in either Year 5 or Year 6 and we shared stories with them. They read to us while we listened, then we enjoyed talking to each other about what had happened. We are really looking forward to taking part in peer reading again at the end of next half-term.

IMG_4247 IMG_4251 IMG_4258 IMG_4256 IMG_4272 IMG_4283 IMG_4257 IMG_4289 IMG_4293

IMG_1113[1] IMG_1114[1] IMG_1115[1] IMG_1116[1] IMG_1117[1] IMG_1118[1] IMG_1119[1] IMG_1120[1]

Den Building

What a fantastic day we had on Tuesday with Chris the den building man! He brought lots of special equipment with him and we listened carefully to his instructions so that we could work safely as part of a team.

We thought carefully about what our den structure was going to look like before we started building and then came up with some very creative ideas. After the structure had been checked to see if it was sturdy, we used different materials to cover our dens to make them sheltered. We even had flags to fly.

Everyone had such a great time and we have learned a great deal about team work!P1010643 P1010645 P1010649 P1010653 P1010654 P1010657 P1010663 P1010664 P1010669 P1010670 P1010732 P1010733 P1010737 P1010739 P1010743 P1010748 P1010750 P1010751 P1010761

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!

This half term, our topic has been based on the popular children’s book ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen. We have completed lots of different learning activities linked to the story and also to bears.

We listened to the story repeatedly until we were familiar with it and then joined in with actions. We also really enjoyed the version on YouTube where Michael Rosen retells the story –

We worked in groups to experiment with gummy bears by adding them to various solutions (water with either vinegar, bicarbonate of soda or salt). Firstly, we talked about how our gummy bears felt before we added them to a solution. Each child then chose which solution they wanted to put their gummy bear into and then created the solution by carefully pouring the water into their plastic cup, then spooning in some salt or soda or pouring in some vinegar. Once their solution was created each child added their gummy bear and waited until the following day to see the results.
The next day we gathered into our groups to discuss the changes that had happened to our bears and compare these to our predictions.

IMG_3849[1] IMG_3850[1] IMG_3845[1] IMG_3846[1] IMG_3847[1] IMG_3848[1]

In our ICT lessons we used the program 2Simple to draw a picture of a bear. We practised using and controlling the mouse with one hand and changing the colour and size of the pen –

IMG_3851[1] IMG_3853[1] IMG_3854[1]

To help us to retell the story, we created story maps and made bear masks in the creative area using paper plates, tape and lollypop sticks –

IMG_3855[1] IMG_3856[1]


Foundation Stage Sports Day

Yesterday we enjoyed taking part in sports day. Although it was very hot and sunny, with regular stops for water and a rest in the shade, we were able to complete all of the activities. We were put into teams named after some of the countries currently taking part in the World Cup football tournament in Russia and wore wristbands to help us to remember which team we were in.

The activities we took part in were:

Egg and spoon race

IMG_0239 IMG_0250 IMG_3430 IMG_3434 IMG_0293 IMG_0292 IMG_0337

Dart throw

IMG_3426 IMG_0266 IMG_0305 IMG_0332IMG_0234

Sack race

IMG_0232 IMG_0246 IMG_0289 IMG_0304 IMG_0349 IMG_0358 IMG_0359

Space hoppers

IMG_0311 IMG_0353 IMG_0298 IMG_0281 IMG_0296 IMG_0277 IMG_0279 IMG_0225

Beanbag relay

IMG_0230 IMG_0243 IMG_0347 IMG_0301 IMG_0300 IMG_0286


IMG_3435 IMG_0236 IMG_0251 IMG_0276 IMG_0269

We had a fantastic time and earned lots of reward stickers and a certificate for taking part. Thank you to our parents and carers who came along to watch us.