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Our Year 1 Classes are Puffins and Penguins.

These are our curriculum newsletters.


Welcome back!

The children have settled in brilliantly during our first week back. They have enjoyed sharing their news about the Christmas holidays and we have loved listening to their stories!

We have lots of exciting things going on this  term. Our new topic is based around literature and we will be looking at the stories of Julia Donaldson.

In RE, we will be learning all about the religion of Hinduism and the children will have the opportunity to visit a local Hindu temple. The visit will be on 7th February 2018. Please read the letter that was sent home this week for more information or see your child’s teacher if you have any questions.

Year 1 football started this week. We had a wonderful time learning some of the skills with the coach. This will continue on a Thursday for the rest of this half term. There will be no PE on Fridays.

In addition to this, some of our Year 1 children have been given the opportunity to attend a Multi Skills Festival on Thursday 18th January 2018. If your child is attending, please send them to school in full PE kit consisting of black shorts, red PE t-shirt and a school hoodie and tracksuit bottoms to travel in. If your child is not attending this festival, they will be given the opportunity later in the year.

On Thursday 25th January 2018, there will be a Year 1 assembly to share some of the learning we did last term. All parents and family are welcome to join us in the school hall at 9.00am. We hope to see lots of you there! A separate letter will be sent out with more information.

Spelling in the snow

This week we have been learning how to subtract numbers up to ten. Using a part-whole model, we considered how subtraction links to addition and created fact families to match. Next week we are going to continue to deepen our understanding of subtraction and we will use numicon and numberlines to support this.

On Thursday, snow arrived in Newsham. We took the opportunity to go outside and practise our spellings in the snow! What fun we had!

IMG_0784[1] IMG_0785[1]

Stepping into the light!

This week in science, we have been looking at different light sources to link with our Space topic. We identified that the sun is our main natural source of light and the children were able to describe different man made light sources.

The children have been doing lots of addition in maths this week. The children started the week with addition within ten and used lots of practical resources to help with this. They then applied this to working out number bonds to 10.


IMG_0735 IMG_0733 IMG_0726 IMG_0725

Over the last few weeks we have learned so much about space and we really want to share that learning with our friends in Y2, so we have decided to make moving pictures to help us explain our learning. On Thursday we explored and created sliding mechanisms. We thought carefully about what image would be suitable to slide up and down or side to side.

Visit to The Centre for Life

What a wonderful and exciting day we had yesterday at the Centre for Life! Our Space topic was brought to life through workshops, visits to the planetarium and spectacular science shows. We had a warm welcome from Tim Peake himself and were given the chance to test different materials for strength, flexibility and weight to see which would make the best spacesuit. In the planetarium, we followed Little Bear on his journey North using the stars as his guide. The science show wowed us with it’s amazing experiments and we were given the chance to ask questions and find out how the experiments worked. We were also given the chance to explore the DinoJaws exhibition and spent time in the Curiosity Zone. What a fun filled day!DSCF4622 DSCF4566 DSCF4571 DSCF4573 DSCF4576 DSCF4580 DSCF4584 DSCF4610 DSCF4611

IMG_0684 IMG_0695 IMG_0694 IMG_0689 IMG_0685

A leaf man’s got to go where the wind blows…

This week we have been exploring the story Leaf Man, by Lois Ehlert.

Leaf Man

We discussed her stunning illustrations and commented on her use of colour and how this links to autumn. As part of our science learning, we examined trees in our woodland area and noted the changes we could see. Did you know that trees begin to lose their leaves in autumn because the days are getting shorter and the temperature is getting colder?

IMG_1341 IMG_1342

We collected different leaves and created leaf rubbings using chalk. Before we picked up the chalks, we thought carefully about which colours would be the most effective. Then we considered how we would arrange the leaves before beginning our leaf rubbings.

IMG_1354 IMG_1364 IMG_1365 IMG_1370 IMG_1353

Later in the day we created autumn tree pictures inspired by the artistic technique Pointillism. We compared the media we had used that day. Some people preferred the paint because it was brighter, whilst others thought the chalks because they could be smudged and blended.

IMG_1357 IMG_1358 IMG_1359 IMG_1360 IMG_1361 IMG_1362 IMG_1363


Last week, we designed a protective outfit for Humpty Dumpty as part of STEM week. During this process, we explored different materials, used these to design a protective suit or container, created the protective suit or container and tested them by putting a real egg in them and dropping them from a height of 1 meter. When we dropped the eggs, some of cracked but lots of survived the fall! We found that the protective containers worked best as the egg did not smash in any of them.DSCF4284 DSCF4283 DSCF4263 IMG_1290 IMG_1283 IMG_1282