Year 1 Blog

Our Year 1 Classes are Puffins and Penguins.

These are our curriculum newsletters.


Lots to learn!

This has been one of our busiest week so far in Year 1! We have been continuing our learning about the local area by thinking about our community and how we can contribute personally to its well-being. The children thought that picking up litter and recycling were a great way to help! We have also been thinking about the different ways in which we travel to school, using the information collected to create tally charts and pictograms.

In English this week we have begun a new book called Knuffle Bunny, a tale of a little girl who can’t yet speak who loses her favourite toy rabbit. She tries to communicate with Dad but he just doesn’t understand. We have had good fun translating words like ‘Wabble Pabble Flabble’ and ‘Snurp’.

In Maths we have been introducing the children to part/whole models. A way to show basic partitioning of numbers in an effective way. The children will be bringing some part/whole model homework home today and we are sure they will show you how it’s done! Any questions though, just ask!

Than you to all parents who came to parent’s evening this week. It was lovely to get a chance to speak properly and see how well the children have all settled in.

Please remember to send your child’s reading book to school every day whether they have read at home with you or not. We are trying to read with them as regularly as possible and we can’t change books if they are not here! Thank you for your support in this.

Another exciting week!

We have had another exciting week in Year 1! We began the story of Everywhere Bear and discovered that our own class Everywhere Bears had gone missing. We set out on a bear hunting adventure and tracked them down!

DSCF5906 DSCF5911 DSCF5914 DSCF5920

We have also been learning about the seasons in Maths and in Science and we went out to look for signs of Autumn! The children found lots within the school grounds and we even picked some blackberries to taste!

DSCF5971 DSCF5969 DSCF5974 DSCF5977 DSCF5978

What a wonderful first week!

What a wonderful first week back we have had in Year 1! The children have settled into school so well and have been happy and smiling coming into school in the mornings. They are adapting to life in Year 1 very well considering the many new routines and expectations!

We have begun learning about our new topic of ‘This is us’! We have been investigating the different types of homes people live in and what we might find inside these homes.

We have been getting to know each other by discussing our likes and dislikes and learning about making right and wrong choices.

We have also been practising the trick job of writing our full name using our name cards. Our aim is to be able to do this without looking at the cards eventually so any help you could give your child at home would be much appreciated.

We are inviting all parents and carers to a meeting about KS1 at 9am on Wednesday 12th September in the Hall. This is an extremely important meeting so please attend if possible.


Kirkley Hall

We had a fabulous time on Tuesday at Kirkley Hall zoo! The children had the opportunity to see some weird and wonderful animals and even saw some animals that talked! They were able to handle guinea pigs and rabbits, explore the woodland walk and went through the wallaby walk.DSCF5364 DSCF5371 DSCF5359 DSCF5335 DSCF5330 IMG_1407 IMG_1389 IMG_1375 IMG_1371 IMG_1356

Hatching Chicks

What an exciting start to the summer term… Penguins and Puffins have new some new arrivals!

This half term we will be hatching chicks and we will be learning about life cycles and animal development.

This week we have learnt about how the chick develops inside the egg. We have used key scientific vocabulary, such as embryo, albumen, membrane, pore and chalaza.

Some children have also shown interest in building nests since we have received our eggs. As Thursday was such a sunny day, we decided to go down to the nature trail and find natural resources to build some nests for birds.

We have also started to learn about Islam. The children have learned about the important features of a mosque and have found that some of these things are similar to what people do in a Hindu temple.