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Our Year 3 Classes are Kittiwakes and Oystercatchers.

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Wow, what a busy half term!

Kittiwakes and Oystercatchers have had a very busy and challenging half term. The children have had huge adjustments to make coming into key stage 2 but have been amazing and have started to settle in brilliantly. Already they have been part of some exciting activities. Our STEM week and school trip have been particularly fun with lots of opportunities for learning through practical activities.

We are pleased with the enthusiasm from most children with regards to homework and reading. It is important that children read at least 3 times per week and have their planners in on a Friday to be checked and signed. Maths and literacy homework goes home on a Tuesday and is due the following Tuesday along with spelling and times tables tests. Please encourage your children and support them with their homework as well as continuing to practise spellings and their times tables as often as possible.

Please check our gallery to see some pictures of some of the things we have been up to so far in Year 3.

We hope you have a well deserved restful half term, with lots of reading of course!

Tour De France

This week, we were given the opportunity to explore all things linked to the Tour De France. Currently, in France, the best professional cyclists are taking part in what is considered to be the hardest sporting event in the world. We found out about the history of the race, the importance of the different coloured jerseys, some fascinating facts about the race and the schedule for this year’s race. We were given a free choice of how to represent our findings.

Tour De France (4) Tour De France (1) Tour De France (2) Tour De France (3)

We all created our own new jersey design and came up with a reason for this jersey. For example, most resilient rider, best older rider, best team effort and last rider to finish. Some of us took part in a reading comprehension about the tour, some of us created posters or information leaflets and others found out what the ‘day to day’ life of a cyclist is like and wrote a diary entry. We then learned about legends of the Tour, with a particular focus on male and female British cyclists and then drew a portrait of the person who inspired us the most.

Tour De France (8) Tour De France (5) Tour De France (6) Tour De France (7)

STEM – Engineering Roman Catapults

IMG_0804 IMG_0810

Over the last two weeks, we have been investigating the effectiveness of different types of catapults. As Roman engineers, we have learned about pivot based catapults, elastic energy catapults and the importance of having a solid foundation. We were told the importance of trying different ideas out, our teachers were facilitators and would give us whatever we needed but we had to try, and then figure out how to apply, the techniques by ourselves. Any material we could think of was made available to us.

Catapults Oys (3) Catapults (2) Catapults Oys (16)

At different stages, we evaluated the effectiveness of our catapults and then made changes to see if we could fire the objects further. We can’t wait to take part in more STEM activities next year.

Sports Day

Well done to all of the children for the incredible effort they put in. Whether the children came first, last or in between, they all understood the importance of giving it a go and trying their hardest. We are all very proud of you, Year 3!


Year 3 Sports Day (7) Year 3 Sports Day (3)

Trip to the Roman Army Museum and Vindolanda

This week, we had a fantastic time on our school trip. Although our Romans topic was a focus for the Spring term, this was the earliest available date to visit and we still found out a lot of new information. As well as exploring the sites and looking at the different exhibits, we also watched a 3D film called ‘The Edge of Empire’ which really brought to life what Vindolanda must have been like nearly 2,000 years ago.

Roman Army K Roman Army Museum (4) Roman Army Museum (12) Roman Army Museum (16) Roman Army Museum (18)

At the site itself, a local archaeologist showed us some artifacts and told us about their importance. We also saw a real-life archaeological dig and got to climb up a replica Roman fort.

Roman Army Museum k Roman Army Museum (21) Roman Army Museum (20) Roman Army Museum (26) Roman Army Museum (24) Roman Army Museum (25)