Year 3 Curriculum News and Parent Information Meetings

Our Year 3 Classes are Kittiwakes and Oystercatchers.

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Northumberland School Games!

Some pupils from Y4 represented us at The School Games this Year as part of the ‘Activator’ (leaders) team.

Some pupils from Y3 also sang in the choir at the event and took part in some activities.

It was an amazing day!


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Year 3 Assembly

Thanks to all the parents and carers who managed to come into school to share all of our learning. The children performed brilliantly!

We know how tricky it can be to find time to come into school, especially with work commitments.

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Woodhorn Colliery Visit

This week we visited Woodhorn museum to learn all about out mining heritage and make a start on an exciting art project. 20181017_105326618_iOS20181017_123622980_iOS 20181017_123436208_iOS20181017_094347810_iOS IMG_1165 IMG_1128 IMG_1114 IMG_1165

Welcome to Year 3!

A warm welcome to Year 3! We have had a great start to the term and the children have all settled well into the routines of their new year group. We enjoyed learning about our class names Oystercatchers and Kittiwakes.

IMG_0408 IMG_0407

A very busy summer term

Year 3 have been extremely busy this half term. Both classes have been swimming and have made excellent progress.They have been to Live Tales Theatre where they created their own story and had a great morning doing drama and coming up with some fabulous ideas. Our trip to The Roman Army Museum and Vindolanda was extremely successful, the children were amazing, their behaviour impeccable and a great day was had by all. Some of the children even got to handle some of the artefacts from the excavation site.

We only have 2 weeks left, the weather is beautiful and we look forward to an exciting end to the year. Please see the Year 3 gallery for photos to see what we have been getting up to!