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Our Year 4 Classes are Whales and Dolphins.




A fabulous time at Holy Island

Year 4 had an amazing time at Holy Island this week. They imagined living life as monks at Lindisfarne Priory in the Year 793AD and got a real life feel for what the Viking invasion may have been like. As always, behavior was impeccable and they were an absolute pleasure to take out of school.

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Viking Diaries

We have had a lovely week, the sun shining and the children smiling. Lots of learning has still taken place. We are over the moon with the quality of the projects this term, the models of the Viking longboats are top class. The children have taken great pride in presenting them to their peers and have enjoyed the time making them with their families. Year 4 have put themselves into the role of Viking invaders and the monks at Lindisfarne during 793AD and have written some quality diary entries. Our visit to Lindisfarne next half term will give them an even greater insight and a real life experience as to what it would have been like when the Vikings invaded.

Summer Term is here!

Welcome back! We are looking forward to a lovely summer term in Year 4. We can’t believe how quick the time is going. Last term we carried out some persuasive writing and the children have managed to persuade Mrs. Armstrong to let us go ahead with a school visit to Lindisfarne as part of our Vikings topic. We also have a tennis tournament and Northumberland Day to look forward to, as well as many other exciting things planned for this term. It is a busy term but we must keep up with homework and reading, despite the lovely weather and the temptation of playing out late in the sun! Another great term ahead and we can’t wait to share it with your children.

Musical Masters!

In our music lesson, Dolphins composed a soundtrack to accompany a Cream Egg advert. The Cream Eggs set off on a cycle race in a velodrome.

We began by planning which instruments would best compliment the action on each part of the clip. Children were then organised into groups of similar instruments, and they decided when they thought it was best to play their instruments. They worked closely as a team to ensure the best sound was produced at the most appropriate time.

After listening and critiquing the performance of each group, we then put all the parts together to create a fantastic soundtrack for the advert.

Mrs Charlton recorded the performance and we listened to it alongside the clip. We then listened to the original soundtrack created by the professionals and decided that ours was better!


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World Book Day

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World book day was a great success, the children all looked fabulous and we had lots of opportunities for reading, discovering new books and sharing our reading expertise with younger children. What an incredible day!