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Our Year 4 Classes are Whales and Dolphins.




Jarrow Hall

Wow! W all had a fantastic day at Jarrow Hall. The visit really brought our Anglo Saxon topic to life!


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Anti-bullying Week











IMG_1214 IMG_1215 IMG_1216

We were given a range of scenarios to create freeze frames and a small role play as part of anti-bullying week. We have watched videos and had a variety of discussions around the topic. We know that bullying is several times on purpose (STOP) and discussed what a child being bullied must do. Our learning has then led us to writing our own anti-bullying stories.







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Poppy Art

In Year 4, we have made a variety of poppies to display at the Co-Op for Remembrance Day. Pat from the Co-Op came to school to help pupils make clay poppies which are now being painted.


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Electricity Circuits

We have been learning about electricity in science this half term and we have loved experimenting with the electronic circuit board kits. This has led to us writing a set of instruction within literacy lessons.




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Tag Rugby

We are really enjoying learning tag rugby skills in year 4 at the moment!


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