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Our Year 4 Classes are Whales and Dolphins.




A Visit from Liz Million – Author and Illustrator!

This week, as part of our two week reading focus, we were visited by a published author and illustrator. Liz Million was incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about her work and inspired us.

liz million dolphins (1)

She talked to us about her career and demonstrated the process she goes through when creating an illustration. In her portfolio, she had examples of how her style has developed from being a child to a professional illustrator. She emphasised the need to practise. We were all keen to have a go!

liz million dolphins (5) liz million dolphins (9)

We were given a piece of paper with a starting shape outline for a character’s face. Liz then took us through the process of creating an Anglo-Saxon story character step-by-step. This included an identification of some of the problem areas that she came across as a child, including: proportion of limbs, techniques for drawing limbs, facial expression, hairstyles, using shading to show movement and depth.

liz million whales (23)

Halloween Fun!

To celebrate Halloween in Year 4, we had an entire day dedicated to all things spooky and frightening. During the morning, we read Halloween poetry and analysed the texts to find good language that we could adapt and use in our own poems.

Halloween Whales (1) halloween (30)

After watching Mr Gregory and Mrs Trueman perform Halloween poems, we created a checklist of the features we would need to include when performing poems of our own. We used this checklist to enhance our group performances. After break, we attempted to create our own Halloween poems using what we had learned in the morning.

The Halloween fun continued into the afternoon with: apple bobbing, biscuit decorating, pumpkin and spider hunt, tattoos and nail painting.

Halloween Whales (53)

halloween (20)

Tag Rugby Festival Celebration!

As a reward for completing our ‘Try to Sign’ scheme, we were invited to Kingston Park, the home of the Newcastle Falcons, to take part in a celebration afternoon. We were able to take part in non-competitive matches against children from other schools to show off what we had learned. Unlike the other schools, we had all of our year group there so we really enjoyed hearing our ‘cheering section’ chant “Newsham” during our matches. We know just how lucky we were to play on such a special pitch!

Tag Rugby Whales (39)  Tag Rugby Whales (49) Dolphins falcons kingston park (17)


Newcastle Falcons Rugby

Every Wednesday, this half term, we have been lucky enough to work with Louise and Josh from the Newcastle Falcons.

Tag Rugby Sign Dolphins (18) Try to Sign Rugby (14) Try to Sign Rugby (20) Tag Rugby Sign Dolphins (11)

As well as improving our tag rugby skills with Josh outside, we have also been learning sign language with Louise. In just three weeks, we have learned: the alphabet, colours and numbers up to ten.

Try to Sign Rugby (39) Tag Rugby Sign Dolphins (8) Try to Sign Rugby (34) Try to Sign Rugby (28) Tag Rugby Sign Dolphins (4) Try to Sign Rugby (26)

Please ask us to show you!

Science – Electrical Circuits

In science this half term, we started off by learning about the difference between mains and battery powered appliances in the home. We then made our own simple circuits and discovered that in order for a bulb to light, the circuit had to be complete.

Science Circuits Whales (8) Science Circuits Dolphins (2)

A switch is used to create a gap in a circuit which means that the electrical current can’t flow. The appliance will only work when the gap has been closed by pressing the switch.

Science Circuits Dolphins extra (6)

We found out that materials which are insulators of electricity are important for our safety. We designed and carried out an experiment to find out which materials conducted electricity. Despite tin foil being light, thin and crumpled, it still conducted electricity as it is a metal!

IMG_1156 IMG_1155