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Our Year 5 Classes are Galleons and Submarines.

Welcome to the Year 5 blog. Here you will find out all about life in our busy year group.

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Street Child Drama

In Literacy we have been exploring the first few chapters of our new novel Street Child. We have been exploring characters thoughts and feelings through drama and the use of freeze frames.


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Maps of the world!

We have been looking at where Egypt is in the world and decided to see if we could remember all of the different continent names we learned last year! Not only that, but our challenge was to draw a map of the world on a blank sheet of paper! The children recalled lots of information and managed to create some fairly accurate world maps.


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Year 5 assembly

Just a reminder that we will be holding our Year 5 assembly for parents next Thursday at 9am in the hall. This is a celebration of everything we have learned this year and we’d love you to join us.

After the assembly parents are invited to come to classes with their children to take part in a workshop linked to our Northumberland Day celebrations which are taking place in school next week. Please come along and join us!

Year 5 visit BBC studios!

This week children from Year 5 visited BBC studios in Newcastle, where they were given the opportunity to look around and explore the studio, find out about recording and presenting programmes, the history of the BBC and even meet some famous faces from TV!  Throughout the day children took part in activities whereby they featured on TV in a variety of roles and programmes. They created their own version of Dick and Dom and wore outfits that have been worn by stars on TV! All pupils were given the opportunity to be ‘Look North’ presenters and the visit ended with groups presenting their own news, sports and weather bulletins, which they could also view on TV. Children returned to school buzzing with excitement saying what a wonderful experience they’d had.

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Making volcanoes

As part of the DT curriculum, pupils in Submarines designed and made volcanoes. Once they are complete children will evaluate their designs and consider what they would change if they did this again!

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