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As you will be aware, the pupils will sit exams at the end of Year 6. These are commonly known as SATs and they will take place on the week beginning the 8th May.

Although we support the pupils through this process so that they do not become unduly worried, it is important that they do their best. They will be challenged throughout this year and it is essential that you work with them and have high expectations. Good attendance at school ensures your child has the best chance of performing well.

All of the information is important, however, we would direct you to slides 17-21 on the presentation below, which provides some excellent ideas of ways to help your child.


Thank you for your ongoing support with revision. You may wish to support your child when they have completed the tests by looking at the answers. Therefore, we have provided links to most of the mark schemes for the tests in the pack your child brings home at Easter. After the holidays teachers will be using errors for further revision.

Unfortunately, we are unable to do the same for the maths tests as these are from a published scheme rather than SATs materials. Again, staff will be using these tests as further revision after the Easter holidays.

The links to the answers are below. From here it will be easy to click on the link and open up the relevant pages.

Some children have chosen to bring home their mock paper tests to support revision. The mark schemes for those papers are also available for these tests if there are things that you would like to check.

Reading mark scheme

Grammar, punctuation and spelling mark scheme

Grammar, punctuation and spelling mark scheme

The mock papers that the pupils completed recently can be viewed here (maths) and

here (grammar).