Lots to learn!

This has been one of our busiest week so far in Year 1! We have been continuing our learning about the local area by thinking about our community and how we can contribute personally to its well-being. The children thought that picking up litter and recycling were a great way to help! We have also… More

Another exciting week!


We have had another exciting week in Year 1! We began the story of Everywhere Bear and discovered that our own class Everywhere Bears had gone missing. We set out on a bear hunting adventure and tracked them down! We have also been learning about the seasons in Maths and in Science and we went… More

What a wonderful first week!

What a wonderful first week back we have had in Year 1! The children have settled into school so well and have been happy and smiling coming into school in the mornings. They are adapting to life in Year 1 very well considering the many new routines and expectations! We have begun learning about our… More

Kirkley Hall


We had a fabulous time on Tuesday at Kirkley Hall zoo! The children had the opportunity to see some weird and wonderful animals and even saw some animals that talked! They were able to handle guinea pigs and rabbits, explore the woodland walk and went through the wallaby walk.

Hatching Chicks


What an exciting start to the summer term… Penguins and Puffins have new some new arrivals! This half term we will be hatching chicks and we will be learning about life cycles and animal development. This week we have learnt about how the chick develops inside the egg. We have used key scientific vocabulary, such… More

A Cautionary Tale…

We began our week by diving into a new book: Grendel- a Cautionary Tale about Chocolate. Grendel is a little monster who adores chocolate. So when he is presented with the opportunity of making three wishes – guess what he does? In this new take on the King Midas story, a wish that everything he… More

Dinosaurs go home


This week, we have continued our learning about dinosaurs. We explored the difference between an Allosaurus and a Stegosaurus and then used line and shape to draw them. We investigated using different pressure to shade our drawings. After our exciting discovery of dinosaur eggs on our school field, the dinosaur sanctuary finally found a way to… More

Welcome back!

The children have settled in brilliantly during our first week back. They have enjoyed sharing their news about the Christmas holidays and we have loved listening to their stories! We have lots of exciting things going on this  term. Our new topic is based around literature and we will be looking at the stories of… More

Spelling in the snow


This week we have been learning how to subtract numbers up to ten. Using a part-whole model, we considered how subtraction links to addition and created fact families to match. Next week we are going to continue to deepen our understanding of subtraction and we will use numicon and numberlines to support this. On Thursday,… More

Stepping into the light!


This week in science, we have been looking at different light sources to link with our Space topic. We identified that the sun is our main natural source of light and the children were able to describe different man made light sources. The children have been doing lots of addition in maths this week. The… More