Year 2 Blog

Our Year 2 Classes are Lifeboats and Coastguards.

These are our curriculum newsletters:

The Dark

This week we started a new class novel called ‘The Dark’ by Lemony Snicket. The children have loved predicting what the story might be about and have produced some amazing art work, dances and poems based on their interpretations of the dark as it is described at the start of the book. We were really pleased with the brilliant vocabulary that they were using to make their poems more vivid.

4.10 (1) 4.10 (13) 4.10 (17)

In Maths, he children have been continuing to work hard on addition and subtraction this week, learning to add and take away multiples of ten in different ways. Next week we will be moving on to using practical and written methods of adding and subtracting two 2 digit numbers. We will be using our knowledge of place value to achieve this so if you haven’t already, make sure the children have a good practise at the place value games on Mathletics this week.

In topic we have been learning about the features of homes from the past and homes now, creating a timeline of homes from Celtic times through to the present day. We have also begun studying some household artifacts from the past, considering their use and how the objects we use today have changed. We will continue with our work on homes in the past next week.

Things to Remember:

Next week will be our Harvest Assembly- Please bring in any food donations before Wednesday 10th October.

Please name all jumpers and cardigans. It makes them so much easier to find when the children have misplaced them.

A Busy Second Week Back!

It has been a busy week in Year 2 and the children are settling well.

In Maths we have been looking at place value and our understanding of tens and ones. The children have been making and representing two digit numbers in a range of ways and partitioning them (splitting them up). This is a vital skill that will help them to add and subtract larger numbers as we progress through the year.  Next week, we will be continuing to look at place value and will be ordering numbers up to 100, as well as locating them on a number line and comparing them using the vocabulary greater than, more than, less than and equal to.

In English, we have been reading ‘Traction Man is Here’ written by Mini Grey, which is all about a action figure toy that undertakes household adventures. The children have really enjoyed the book and are currently working on creating their own mini Traction Man adventures, which we are going to turn into our own book next week. The children will continue on the theme of toys in next week’s learning,  and we would like them to bring in one of their favourite toys to describe, which will consolidate their learning on adjectives and how to use them effectively.

10.9 (10)

In our topic sessions, the children have relentlessly covered many areas. At the start of the week we looked at the different types of home people live in, naming them and describing their features. Then we continued to learn our Friendship Song in music. In science, we learned about how humans change and grow and how this compares to the life-cycle of other animals. Next week, we will look at the changes that happen to humans as they grow in more detail and we will talk about the biological differences between men and women. There was a letter sent on Thursday 13th September to provide more details on this.

This week,Lifeboats also learned to play the Friendship Song on glockenspiel whilst Coastguards completed a Mondrian inspired piece of computer art. The classes will swap over next week to undertake the other activity.


Reading books will be sent home as soon as our phonics assessment period is completed in line with our new system. The library is open to take books home still in the interim period.

Homework will be sent out today, to be returned for next Thursday. There will be a spelling test based on the spellings sent home today on Thursday morning. 

Summer assessments are upon us!

This week the children started their SATs by completing the spelling, grammar and punctuation paper. Everyone dealt with the paper in a mature fashion and it was a calm and relaxed environment in both classes. Next week on Monday and Tuesday Year 2 will continue with these assessments and will be competing the two reading papers. Please make sure your child completes their reading comprehension homework as this will help them to prepare and make sure they come to school well rested and on time to give them the best chance of succeeding.

In English we finished writing up our detailed and interesting recounts of our visit to Kirkley Hall and it was clear from all of the effort the children put in that they really have enjoyed our animal topic. In our art work we have been using our science knowledge to carry out some observational drawings of natural objects as well as using natural materials to create land art and sculptures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.

nartural drawing (3) nartural drawing (12)


We have been revising the skills we have learnt over the year in maths and have been practicing applying these skills to solve reasoning problems. Revision will continue into next week in preparation for the Maths SATs.

We also came to the end of our computer coding project in ICT. The children have wowed us with their debugging skills and we definitely have some computer programmers of the futures in the year group.

coding lesson 3 (9)

Don’t forget next Friday (18th May) is our royal wedding celebration day where all the children can come in wedding attire.

Spring has Sprung!

It has been a busy week in Year 2 studying animals and preparing for our imminent end of key stage assessments. Thank you to all the parent’s who attended the KS1 SAT meeting on Wednesday morning. If anyone has any questions about the upcoming assessments or would like some advice on how to help your child succeed just ask a member of Year 2 staff.

At the start of the week the children conducted a micro-habitat survey to answer the question ‘Do all mini-beasts live in the same habitats?’ They used their Maths skills to record their findings in tables and charts and discussed the results using the science terminology they have learned.



In English we have continued to study the Anthony Browne picture book called ‘Gorilla’ and the children are becoming great reading detectives, using their inference skills to decide how characters are feeling. The words sad and happy have now been banned and the children are improving and widening their vocabulary by coming up with some amazing words to replace these over used ones, which has been reflected in the descriptive language they have used in their writing.


At the end of the week each class held elections to choose two Junior Leadership Representatives. The children took this very seriously by writing their own campaign speeches and thinking about their election platform. After presenting their arguments to the class, there was an official democratic vote and we were very pleased with how all the children took part in such a grown up and mature manner!JLT elections (1) JLT elections (5)





Spring has Sprung?

In Coastguards this week, we have been looking at measuring accurately in centimeters and meters. We have been thinking about what are the appropriate units of measurement to use. We have applied our learning to solve problems involving ordering and comparing length.

In English we have been thinking about Traction Man as a toy and as a hero. Traction Man is the main character from our class text ‘Traction Man is Here’ by Mini Grey. We discussed our favourite toys and described them on Monday. We then moved on to think about what it means to be a hero and the heroes in our lives. The children ended the week writing some touching descriptions of their heroes and a book review of ‘Traction Man is Here’ which all the children loved.

In topic we have been thinking about where animals like to live and why. We used what we had learned to think about dinosaur habitats in the past.

5.3 (4)


Next week will be assessment week. It is of vital importance that the children come to school on time and well rested to perform to the best of their ability. During the afternoons we will be completing our learning about Islam and continuing with our dinosaur research on food chains and habitats in order to write a detailed non-chronological report in the final week.


Have a lovely weekend.