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Our Year 2 Classes are Lifeboats and Coastguards.

These are our curriculum newsletters:

Spring has Sprung

KS1 had a fantastic day at the Centre for Life yesterday and Year 2 wowed all the staff with their brilliant behaviour and super space knowledge. They were a real credit to the school and all staff were very proud of them.

In the classroom the children have been learning to measure in centimetres and metres as well as comparing lengths using maths vocabulary and symbols. In English we have been drafting our dinosaur non-chronological reports by collating all of the fascinating facts we have learnt over the half term. We will be writing these up, making any improvements we can think of over the next few weeks. In our other lessons this week, we have been looking at the signs of spring from a scientific and artistic point of view, taking into consideration the weather, animals and plants and important springtime celebrations. Maths measuring 19 (2) Maths measuring 19 (4)


Next week will be an assessment week for Year 2 so it is very important that everyone comes to school well rested and ready to show us all the wonderful things they can do.


Half the year group are very lucky to be going to a Cricket Festival on Thursday morning. If your child is going they will have received a letter yesterday. These children need to come to school in their PE kit on Thursday 28th March to take part. The rest of the year group will take part in a different PE festival later on in the year.

Reading Booster Club

Our Year 2 Booster Clubs are now up and running. Our first session with our groups was fantastic! Everyone who attended worked hard, listened to their teacher’s advice, helped each other and, most importantly, had fun.


Before we started, we all got the chance to go to the library and pick a book for home. We all enjoyed learning about Neil Armstrong’s life as well as finding out how to answer a range of different question types.

Don’t worry if you missed out, you can find the text and questions we looked at below. Give them a go at home with an adult and send them in to your teacher and we’ll give you bonus team points for you effort.

Reading Booster – Neil Armstrong

Welcome Back – Spring Term

Everyone in the year group has came back to school settled and with a fantastic attitude this week and what a busy week it has been!

In literacy, we started a new class story book ‘Man on the Moon (a day in the life of Bob)’. It is brilliant story about a fascinating, if not very observant man, whose job it is to look after the moon. We looked at images and watched video clips to help fuel our imagination when role playing as visitors to the moon. We used this play to then draft, edit and re-write a postcard to our loved ones from the moon. The best examples are on the wall as part of our Space display.

IMG_2202 IMG_2197 English 9.1 (11) English 9.1 (6)

In numeracy, we have been learning about the properties of 2d shapes. We learned a variety of new terms to help us to describe each shape and we found out that any shape that is made up of straight sides is called a polygon. During one lesson this week, we got to label and sort a range of regular (all sides and angles are equal) and irregular (sides and angles are not equal) polygons in pairs. By the end of the week we were cutting out and folding shapes to help us to find lines of symmetry.

maths 11 (3) Maths 9.1 (7) Maths 9.1 (10) IMG_2230 IMG_2236

This week, we also started our new topic: Space. So far, we have learned the names of, and how to order, the planets in our Solar System. We then found out that the planets are categorised into Terrestrial (rocky) planets, Gas Giants and Ice Giants and we learned what characteristics make these planets unique and special.

IMG_2317 IMG_2323 ordering the solar system (5) ordering the solar system (2)


Year 2 Multi-Skills Competition

On Thursday, half of the year group, who didn’t go in year one, got the chance to go to Blyth Sports Centre to take part in a Multi-Skills event. We had an incredible time and throughout the afternoon adults from the Blyth and Bedlington School Sports Partnership commented on our excellent behaviour. The focus of the session was to improve our ABC (Agility, Balance and Coordination) and we took part in a carousel of activities to help us with this. Over the course of an hour and a half, we pushed ourselves and were constantly moving during obstacle courses, parachute games, balance games, relay races, sprints and so much more! We ended the session absolutely exhausted but having had an amazing afternoon. What made the experience even more special was the fact we got to ride in the party bus on the way there and back which was a real treat. Mr Gregory and Mrs Bolton were so proud of us!

IMG_0911 IMG_1150 IMG_1143 IMG_1137 IMG_1107 IMG_1108 IMG_1101 IMG_1094 IMG_0975 IMG_0999 IMG_0958 IMG_0953 IMG_0952 IMG_0942 IMG_0936 IMG_0932 IMG_0929 IMG_0980 IMG_0977 IMG_0920 IMG_0917

Den Building

What a fantastic day we had on Tuesday with Chris the den building man! He brought lots of special equipment with him and we listened carefully to his instructions so that we could work safely as part of a team.

We thought carefully about what our den structure was going to look like before we started building and then came up with some very creative ideas. After the structure had been checked to see if it was sturdy, we used different materials to cover our dens to make them sheltered. We even had flags to fly.

Everyone had such a great time and we have learned a great deal about team work!P1010643 P1010645 P1010649 P1010653 P1010654 P1010657 P1010663 P1010664 P1010669 P1010670 P1010732 P1010733 P1010737 P1010739 P1010743 P1010748 P1010750 P1010751 P1010761